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Guinea Pig Zero introduces itself as "a journal for human research subjects" and gives the following descriptive information:

Guinea Pig Zero is an occupational jobzine for people who are used as medical or pharmaceutical research subjects. Its various sections are devoted to bioethics, historical facts, current news and research, evaluations of particular research facilities by volunteers, true stories of guinea pig adventure, reviews, poetry and fiction relating to the disposability of plebeian life. The journal will be useful to human guinea pigs while being informative to a general readership. Ethical questions related to human research are the property of human research subjects. The zine's title is loosely derived from the term "patient zero," which named an early AIDS victim whose behavior became a wild card in the efforts by doctors to control the epidemic. More benevolently, this journal keeps in mind that we volunteers can and should maintain an awareness and a will, because if we do not, we will fall victim to the evil uses devised for us by scientists who forget that we and they are of the same species.

Sinclair Lewis summed it up well, in the voice of a fictional character, in 1925:

There isn't much I can do now --these doctor Johnnies have taken everything out of my hands -- but as far as possible I shall certainly prevent you Yankee vivisectionists from coming in and using us as a lot of ...sanguinary corpses.

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