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HOME Spun is a resale boutique that empowers people recovering from chronic homelessness with employment and job training opportunities. This Project HOME social enterprise aims to break the cycle of unemployment and poverty through a self-funded retail business. Sales revenue is generated through the sale of gently-used, high-quality designer men's and women’s apparel at affordable prices. This earned income pays wages for Project HOME residents who staff the store.

While we continue to work toward financial autonomy, this enterprise trains and employs five-plus Project HOME residents and teens annually. Our training priorities include retail operations and customer service. We believe everyone (and everything) deserves a second chance.

HOME Spun Resale Boutique is proud of the high-quality men's and women’s clothing and accessories we offer. Our team works to make sure only the best items make it onto the sales floor. HOME Spun merchandise includes a wide spectrum of fashion tastes, from casual wear to designer and vintage items, all priced affordably.

We also sell a variety of products from our sister enterprise, HOME Made gift line: candles, jewelry, and soap, handmade by Project HOME residents. Lastly, the art on our walls is not just for admiring! We sell reasonably-priced, original artwork created by Project HOME's resident artists.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the program's home page.

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