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Health Care for All PA, also known as "HealthCare4AllPA", gives the following descriptive information:

HealthCare4AllPA is a non-profit organization, founded in 2006 to educate people on single payer and secure a true comprehensive universal health care system for every citizen of Pennsylvania. Our mission is to educate you the public, as well as our elected officials, on why we need to improve upon our current health care system, and to support and encourage legislation that achieves:

  • Comprehensive and fair health care coverage for everyone in Pennsylvania
  • Economic efficiency through a single payer system, which would be publicly financed but privately delivered
  • Fair reform of the fault based medical negligence system, which assures compensation to those injured by their health care providers
  • Adoption of a K-12 health education curriculum to promote a culture of wellness
  • Implementation of protocols and evidence based practice models with the goal of reducing medical errors and adopting cost-effective delivery of health care
  • Increased support for volunteer firefighters and emergency responders
  • Practical career transition support for those displaced from employment due to adoption of single payer or other efficiencies
  • A dedicated funding system to assure ample funding for all health care needs, including a reasonable reserve for emergencies