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Heruglyphics introduces itself with the line, "Creative conceptions of Mythic expressions. For a modern world!" and gives the following descriptive information:

Heruglyphics is a Standard. Following the Ancient philosophies of Kemet. Its purpose of creation, is to bring an aide in the shift of erroneous stigmas that have plagued the knowledge, wisdom, and culture of Kemetic spirituality ...

Through the use of "Metu Neter", and its illustrative standard of expression. "Heru Netier" creator and founder of "Heruglyphics" Brought the ideal to life on Aug 13, 2008, Customizing all forms of apparel available to urban fashion, With a Unique style of "hand painted" fabric-acrylic, Heru moved the walls of ancient kemet into the modern world, And Began a new standard for the wise parables of old, to be learned anew.

Now, our Mission, is to spread our culture throughout the world, as an attempt to reverse the immorality that sweeps the globe!!!