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The High School Directory of the School District of Philadelphia gives the following descriptive information:

Selecting a high school is an important step towards your child’s future. The Directory of High Schools provides an overview of program offerings, admission requirements, and academic expectations for The School District of Philadelphia high schools. Each and every student who plans to attend any high school in the School District is asked to complete an online application and select the school(s) of their choice. Students should carefully consider their interests and career plans and select among high schools that offer a vast array of programs and services that can help them achieve their goals.

The Directory of High Schools is just one tool to be used in the high school selection process. To select the best high school option, students should talk with their parents or guardians; consult with their school counselor; schedule time to visit high schools; and, talk with their teachers, principal, and students who attend their choice schools. In September, when the School Selection Process begins, students should be well informed about the schools to which they plan to apply.