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Cathy McVey Palmer, founder, Honey's Angels.

Spreading Our Wings for Neighbors in Need

Cathy McVey Palmer conceived of Honeys Angels in 2006, just a few short months after her mom—Helen “Honey” McVey—lost her brave battle against lung cancer.

Although devastated by the loss, Cathy felt compelled to carry on her mom’s legacy in a big way. Honey, as her name indicates, was a sweet, simple woman who spent most of her life in a tiny Philadelphia row home. She was a devoted wife, mother and grandmother; a devout Catholic; a caring neighbor; a gracious host; a generous friend; a reliable listener; a superior homemaker (cooking, cleaning, ironing—she was a master of it all).

Honey was style, grace and class. She was also a whole lot of fun. And quite certainly, she was the greatest example of how to live that Cathy had ever known.

So how would Cathy carry on the legacy of this simple but extraordinary woman? A scholarship fund? No. A walk? Maybe. A Thanksgiving food drive? Absolutely.

Now Honey’s Angels provides food assistance for Easter, Mother's Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas. We also sponsor select meals and celebrations at Broad Street Ministry, Nativity B.V.M. Place and Liberti Church. To date, we've served thousands of families and individuals thanks to the support of hundreds of friends and strangers, inspired by Honey’s kind and compassionate ways.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the organization's The Back Story page.

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