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Community Magic is working to develop a CrowdHelping website as a free public service similar to existing social media. It is intended to enable both professional helpers and community resource people to identify and connect with each other to better serve their clients. It will allow each user to bring a large network of helpful people into play.

The tools provided by the system will enable users to organize, maintain and share consensually obtained information about the people in their extended network of personal/professional helpers and helpees.

Users will be able to help people more effectively by making appropriate referrals to other helpers, community resources, and supportive services.

The Community Magic CrowdHelping system will maintain privacy and provide anonymity while giving helpers the option to share helpee information when authorized.

After many years of conceptual design, Community Magic is now approaching a software development stage for the CrowdHelping site. At this stage we are:

  1. Promoting the initiative via word-of-mouth, community meetings, events, social media, and the existing website;
  2. Identifying professional social workers, counselors, religious leaders and community helpers who would use Community Magic’s CrowdHelping system to share the benefits of their collaboration with the people they serve;
  3. Seeking Letters of Support from social service organizations, community groups and helpers endorsing this initiative; and,
  4. Raising funds to cover software development, startup costs and operational expenses.

Community Magic’s CrowdHelping website will be a FREE Service available for all professional and community-based helpful people.  If you like the proposed initiative, please consider writing a letter of support.

For more details about how this service might impact you and the people you serve, contact:

Stan Pokras, Instigator 267-968-0407

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