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Happy Indego riders.

Philly's Bike Share

Indego, Philadelphia’s bike-share program, offers 24-hour, 30-day, and yearly pass options to ride one of the hundreds of bright blue bicycles and white, electric-assist bicycles available at over 140 stations around the city, accessible 24/7, 365 days a year.

Station locations are selected based on proximity to community resources, employment centers, bike and transit infrastructure, community groups, and public feedback. Many stations have a touchscreen kiosk, a map of the service area. Check out your bike using the mobile app or with an Indego Key at a dock.

Riders must be 14 or older to ride Indego classic bikes and 16 years or older to ride Indego electric bikes.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the organization's How It Works page.

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