Institute For The Economic Development Of Children (IFEDOC)

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The Institute for the Economic Development of Children (IFEDOC) introduces itself with the lines, "Empowering Your Child to Succeed-Turning Good Grades into Dollar Bills", and, "A StrongTower of Light in the Economic Development of Families", and gives the following descriptive information:

The Institute for the Economic Development of Children is a non-profit after school and summer camp program, serving the supplemental education needs of pre-K to12th grade students operating with a core mandate to develop children into adults who are economically self sufficient. We accomplish this goal thru the promotion of financial literacy, entrepreneurship and a proficiency in math and reading focused to a primarily at risk population which in turn leads to an increased graduation rate and financial independence.

Each component of the Institute is designed to help enhance your child's life in their school, home and community.

  • Home School Academy.
  • We Love and Learn Daycare and Preschool Program.
  • Private Tutoring.
  • Camp Economics.
  • Summer Bridge Program.
  • Economic Development Mentoring Program.