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Tried Law of Attraction and It Didn't Work?

My fierce belief is that law of attraction is an ancient science that we are just beginning to understand through our discoveries in quantum physics. There is a rich, deep, nuanced body of knowledge behind it, and, like any science, it works consistently when you go deep into how it works. And when it doesn’t work, there are easily identified reasons why, and things that can be changed for better results.

My pet peeve and my rant is that the many people who teach there’s “just one thing” to know to make law of attraction work, are misrepresenting an ancient spiritual teaching. That does three things that are, in my opinion, just wrong:

  • 1. It leaves people disappointed that it doesn’t work for them,
  • 2. It creates the belief that law of attraction is B. S., and
  • 3. it rips people off.

Come learn the principles and practices that will let you create your own reality and manifest your dreams, easily and effectively.

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