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This is Jim Wurster's emailed comments

Question 12. Describe your proposed solution, product, or service and how it will help improve health and wellness in the region.
• We will build a preventive health network utilizing existing systems and information, but provide the missing link which is the getting the information to the people who need it when they need it.
• We want to create circles of Information Advocates throughout the city.
• We want to place them in the neighborhood organizations where they will reach the most people who need help.
• We want to build relationships within communities to promote respect and acceptance.
• With the city structure in health and human services getting less and less funding, it will have less and less people to help those in need. We hope that our IA network will be able to pick up the slack and provide the information people need.

Question 13. What root health issues will be impacted by your solution?
• Stress which affects so many things that people try to do and then wound up not doing at all or doing badly.
• People will then become healthier and be able to deal with life better.
Question 14. Why do you consider your solution innovative? Discuss how it is different from existing solutions.
• Our solution is innovative because it uses existing technology but builds into it the people to people connections that are missing. The systems may be in place, but if people don’t know about them or can’t use them, then the systems are useless.

Question 15. What do you hope to achieve in the next 12 months towards implementing your solution? What major tasks do you need to complete to achieve these milestones?
• Build a network and database of Information advocates throughout the city.
• Build an organization that will go out into the communities and listen to people and what their needs are.
• Build a process to train IAs throughout the city communities.
• Build a process to replace IAs when they leave so that there will not be a gap in help in that community.

Question 16. What communities or constituencies are you targeting/will you target initially? Why? How have or do you propose to impact health among these groups?
• We will target neighborhood block captains, churches, community centers, schools, community organizations (like girl and boy scouts)

Question 18. How will your venture create a lasting impact on health and wellness?
• When stress is alleviated, people are healthier and able to live life fuller. They can do their jobs better. Be better parents. Build better families. Build better communities.

Question 24. Who are/will be your competitors and what will make you competitive with them?
• The survival of our planet. This depends upon making it more sustainable. Sustainability starts with the individual and then builds upward.
• We have no competitors. We’re not out to make more, but to make a difference, a difference in people’s lives.
• We will work with others as that is how to build communities.
• We will help build the old family values back into our communities.
• We will value the individual and build respect for each of us.

Question 27. How do you believe Independence Blue Cross or the other challenge supporters could be helpful to you as you implement your solution?
• We are not looking to replace any existing systems, but to be an adjunct to help people in their use of existing services.
• Cooperation with existing systems is critical.