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Joseph's People gives the following descriptive information:

Joseph’s People is a non-denominational and ecumenical non-profit group that serves unemployed and underemployed people. Since 1995, we have helped more than 5,000 people to recover from job loss. We have more than 1,800 members with 12 chapters in the Philadelphia area and one in Pittsburgh. We are run entirely by volunteers and have no paid staff. All meetings and events are free.

We, the Leadership Committee of Joseph's People, inspired by the example of St. Joseph the Worker and supported by our spiritual community, are dedicated and committed to offering support, guidance, and job counseling services to the people of our community who are unemployed or are seeking full employment. We do so without regard to the religious affiliation or lack of religious affiliation of those seeking our help. We are a faith based ecumenical mission.

This organization originated in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, and has 12 chapters throughout the suburbs of Philadelphia, as well as a chapter in Pittsburgh.