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Connecting YOU with a passion for Life through the shared experience of preparing & enjoying beautifully-sourced, delicious food.

An Eritrean feast! We prepared this at our Community Supported Kitchen, the donation-based offering out of which K is for Kitchen has grown.

What We Do

  • At K is for Kitchen, we bring so much more than amazing food to your table. We bring a deep-seated respect for all the living beings (people, plants, animals, & more) who help the fruits of the Earth transform into nourishment on your plate. This way of seeing food systems leads us to sourcing ingredients from local organic farmers, local gardens, and small businesses as much as possible. These ingredients then come to you and your loved ones, paired with our own hospitality, warmth, and excitement to share the skills you need to eat beautifully at Home. We offer the deeper stories of the cuisines and foods you love, and help you find both a greater understanding of the larger social & ecological problems of industrial food systems and practical solutions that allow you & yours to transcend them.
  • We serve all people looking for high quality, ethically-sourced, vital foods. We are especially well-suited to offer services to queer folks, trans folks, and all magical communities -- as well as activists, people with special diets, and anyone concerned with ethical food systems. Moreover, we delight seekers of exquisite food experiences, those who wish to develop more healthful eating patterns, and all others hungry for what we bring to the table.
  • Whether you want hands-on learning in a collaborative cooking environment, a better understanding of holistic health & nutrition, an educational eating experience with friends, or to simply enjoy righteous, ready-made food worry-free, K is for Kitchen can help.
    Acorn & Frances Rose in their element.