Keystone Development Center (KDC)

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Consultants to Co-op Businesses

The Keystone Development Center (KDC) gives the following descriptive information:

The Keystone Development Center (KDC) has a mission to sustain communities, economies, and resources through cooperatively-owned businesses. We are a non-profit corporation, incorporated on March 24, 1999 with a mission to provide technical and research assistance to groups who wish to organize as cooperatives. Through these efforts we strive to meet the economic and business development needs of rural and non-rural areas in the multi-state area of Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and Delaware.

This organization has its headquarters in Ephrata, Pennsylvania.

Co-Op 101

KDC is offering a FREE Series of online recorded workshops in 2017. Everyone and anyone interested in learning more about co-ops and co-op development is welcome to attend! All interested clients who are not yet incorporated and/or otherwise operating on a cooperative basis will be asked to attend these workshops as a preliminary step to gaining assistance from a member of our team.