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Insights to Drive Teacher Development

We believe in data that you can use. We know that educators can have the single greatest impact on students and that improving instructional practice is the most crucial driver available to school districts striving for equitable student outcomes. As a company, we believe that data is the lifeblood of any sustainable, systemic change effort, but not all data are created equal: in order to unlock staff potential, it must be explicitly designed to translate insight into action.

We support professional growth teams through two complementary modules: Professional Learning, for managing PD activities and evaluating outcomes, and Professional Growth, for tracking formative and summative data on educator performance.

  • Professional learning:
    • Gather post-PD feedback to formatively evaluate success.
    • Share real-time facilitator reports.
    • Create, coordinate, and organize events.
    • Allow users to register and confirm attendance.
    • Track attendance and customize credits.
    • Provide certificates and transcripts.
  • Professional growth:
    • Collect self-reflections & feedback.
    • Log coaching activity.
    • Conduct walkthroughs.
    • Run performance evaluation.
    • Set and track professional growth goals.
    • Create and customize scoring rubrics.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the company's What We Do page.


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