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Kitchen Cred gives the following descriptive information:

Kitchen Cred strives to empower at-risk youth in Greater Philadelphia. Our vehicle is an out-of-school program that cultivates life skills through experiential learning.

Founder and President Doug Barg has a passion and expertise in education and cooking, and has witnessed first hand that combining the two can empower our youth. When his foster son, Sean, joined the Barg household he had already faced more than his fair share of adversity. In the 10 years prior, he had been in and out of eight foster homes. He had turned to cooking as his refuge and means of coping. Now living with the Bargs--a family of professional and amateur chefs--Sean's culinary skill set was cultivated, and expanded by learning to bake. Doug watched as Sean transformed, thrived and survived.

Sean proved to be the initial spark for Kitchen Cred, Doug’s unique approach and solution to the nutrition crisis. While addressing food access and healthy eating are both critical, Doug believes it’s about creating opportunities for success. The feeling of pride and confidence that comes from their culinary achievements is one that students will want to replicate--through the medium of food and cooking--and share with their families, friends and communities.