Le Bec-Fin

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Editor's Note

Now, sadly out of business Stan 23:30, 16 October 2015 (EDT)


Le Bec-Fin was an upscale restaurant that described its philosophy as follows:

Our raison d'etre is artistic cuisine with the greatest depth of flavor. The creation of your meal here always begins with a search for the finest ingredients to bring back to our kitchens. We are proud to embrace innovative culinary techniques while remaining guardians of tradition in our unwavering commitment to excellence.


The restaurant gave the following history:

Chef Georges Perrier opened Le Bec-Fin in 1970; a small, thirty-five-seat restaurant at 1312 Spruce Street. With no waiting room, and increasing popularity, Le Bec-Fin moved to its current location on Walnut Street in 1983. Here, Chef Perrier was able to create a sumptuous, yet comfortable, setting. Using Louis XVI style, adding grand chandeliers, and a wine list with over four hundred carefully chosen wines, Le Bec-Fin offers an intimate and luxurious environment. Le Bec-Fin will spend 2010 celebrating its 40th year of success. The restaurant has grown tremendously, including opening sister restaurants Table 31, Mia, and Georges.