League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania

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Making Democracy Work

The League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania (LWVPA) is a citizen organization that never supports or opposes a candidate or political party yet helps voters to learn about government issues and candidates. LWV studies and discusses issues to help members understand government problems so we can make informed decisions when voting and let our elected officials know where we stand on the issues.

The League of Women Voters formally began as a nonpartisan political organization in Chicago in February 1920 — six months before the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment gave women the right to vote. LWV intended to help newly enfranchised women understand the United States’ form of government according to the mechanics of registering and voting, and nomination and election procedures. LWV also hoped to work toward certain “needed legislation.” Members thought the organization might accomplish its work in five years and then disband. But over the years, LWV has broadened its mission. It has evolved from an organization concerned for women’s needs and women voters to one concerned for its nation’s needs and citizen voters.

Note:  The above description came from the organization's About Us page. The organization has its headquarters in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.