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On June 15, 1962 during a sermon inspired by "Jesus feeding of the multitudes" as found in John 6:1-14, Reverend Leon H. Sullivan announced an unprecedented community investment strategy. His plan involved masses of community people in business ownership and community development. The strategy was called the 10-36 Plan. Each participant was asked to set aside $10 each month for 36 months to raise funds to initiate housing projects, shopping centers, business enterprises and human and social services.

The Zion Non-Profit Charitable Trust, now Leon H. Sullivan Charitable Trust, was the first entity Reverend Sullivan created as part of the 10-36 Plan because he wanted Plan participants to understand the “primary value of charity before profit." The "charitable" act of over 3,000 10-36 Plan participants immediately provided the Trust with a donor base unheard of among Black organizations then and now.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the organization's About page.

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