Lighthouse Technology Associates (LTA)

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Lighthouse Technology Associates in action.

Lighthouse Technology Associates (LTA) gives the following descriptive information:

Lighthouse Technology Associates can work with you to help make yours, a more interconnected organization, association or network.

With us, you will be able to offer:

  • Vivid remote connections for both key presenters and an expanded audience to join the events that you hold and share.
  • The ability for you and your staff to present and participate in meetings anywhere in the world – the travel sometimes required, sometimes congenial, often optional; the very direct sense of engagement intact, with little economic or environmental cost.

We provide you and your team with:

  • Technology advice and solutions, specific to collaboration and digital storytelling, in this rapidly changing world
  • Orientation & Training

We support your staff and broader community with every aspect of the ways in which they communicate, collaborate, meet and make presentations.

We guide you as you build a stronger culture of connection.

We make meetings work.

We also help you connect with your audience, through the power of digital storytelling.

We can work with your whole team to create vivid windows onto your work, and your impact on the world.

We introduce them to simple technologies that allow them to enhance the stories they have to tell by mixing text, images and short videos.

We glean and share tips & techniques with the members of your extended team.

We pride ourselves on delivering world-class customer service.

Our flagship client is the American Friends Service Committee, a Nobel Peace Laureate. In our partnership with the AFSC we have seen this work in action in the field, and we are confident that we can help you too, transform your organization.