Liquid Courage

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A Twist on Impromptu Networking

What is made possible: Helps individuals to name and then “let go” of the frustrations they may be able to change in the short run.  Instant catharsis and possibly an exorcism of ritualized complaints. We laugh at what we no longer fear.

For Liquid Courage we invite each person spend 1 minute sharing their frustrations and ritualized complaints (via Impromptu Networking) about work/life with one other person.

“Finish the following open sentences three times with three different individuals for a total of three rounds. You share two minutes.  Don’t overthink it.  Blurt out first thoughts.” If there is fear about reprisals or punishment for speaking up in your organization, skip this activity.

  • If only….
  • They make me…
  • I have to…
  • … that’s just the way it is.
  • If they would ____ then I could ______!

Before you start, it is useful for each participant to write the open sentences on a index card or project the sentences on a screen.

Debrief by asking,

  • What happended?
  • Did any ritualized complaints get exorcized?  ;^)
  • Did your courage expand as the activity progressed?
  • Did you feel more free to express yourself without being judged?   
  • “What was the funniest or most poignant statement that popped up?”

“Stuff” that comes up may be useful to address later.  Usually the items that get a big laugh reveal something about paradox-at-play in the room.  Take note.

Developed by Jamie Owens - Founder of More Than An Option, Inc. and Keith McCandless, Social Invention Group