Living In Germantown: All Together

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Living In Germantown: All Together gives the following descriptive information:

Living in Germantown 19144 is:

  • LiG encourages everyone: individuals, businesses and groups, to make commitments and honor them.
  • Members post commitments they make to Germantown, people, places and orgs, and the results or outcomes of those commitments.
  • LiG is a coming together of Germantown Pride and Passion!
  • Members are committed to racial harmony, and to diversity.
  • LiG shines a light on all the wonderful people and organizations who improve our community.
  • LiG is a grassroots web connecting Germantowners, and their allies from other places to make a more perfect Germantown.
  • LiG acts as a clearing house for information and an online resource for the Germantown community.

What does being a Germantowner mean? It means making commitments to this community, this neighborhood of Philadelphia and keeping those promises. It doesn't matter where you live, it matters where you put your energy.