Local System of Care of Burlington County

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The Local System of Care of Burlington County gives the following descriptive information:

  • PerformCare:  which "serves as the first stop for families into Children's System of Care (CSOC) and tracks care for children and their families. PerformCare offers toll-free information and referral services".
  • Children's Mobile Response Service System: which "provides mobile response service to children who are experiencing an emotional or behavioral situation that threatens to disrupt their living arrangement".
  • Care Management Organization: which "provides service planning and care management for children with substance abuse treatment, developmental disabilities, complex emotional, behavioral and mental health needs."
  • Family Support Organization: An advocacy group "whose staff and volunteers are all parents or primary caregivers of children with developmental disabilities, substance abuse treatment, behavioral, emotional or mental health needs."
  • FSO/Youth Partnership: an "advocacy organization run by youth for youth ... in all components of our local system of care.