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. http://www.lovemore.com/

Annual Poly Living Conference in Philadelphia

Loving relationships and healthy families can come in many beautiful and valid forms. How people choose to experience relationships and love is an individual and personal choice. Through education about polyamory and other relationship or love styles, we hope to allow people the freedom to be open and honest about their personal love and relationship choices, without fear of the prejudice or hardships that being non-traditional can bring. Through education, publicity and research, we intend to open the door to freedom and safety for those who choose polyamory as individuals and as families.

Despite the visibility of the magazine, the mainstay of Loving More (and its precursors) has always been its conferences: gatherings of poly-minded people drawn together to share experiences, provide mutual support, and look for like-minded friends and partners. These gatherings often centered on discussions and workshops about the practicalities of polyamorous life. (The earliest went under the name PEPCon before taking on the Loving More name.) They provided, and continue to provide, settings where people can share the growing body of community knowledge, often very hard-won, about the most frequent poly pitfalls and paths to success.

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