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Mabel Negrete.

Mabel Negrete gives the following descriptive information:

I am a performance artist, designer, activist, researcher and educator who works nowadays with the Counter Narrative Society to transform the weight I carry from witnessing the invisible punishing machine.

I was born in Chile and about 20 years ago I made the USA my home (in the Bay area of San Francisco). In 2007, I founded the Counter Narrative Society (CNS), a research unit that works to initiate counter narratives about bio-power, urbanism, culture and technology. In 2009, I joined the MIT program in Art, Culture and Technology and under the CNS started to ask the question, what is mass punishment? In the process of tinkering with ideas, traveling and learning about practices and theories of social control, statehood, criminology and the habitus, I discovered that I was looking at the invisible punishing machine.


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