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Metropolis Farms in action.

The Only Indoor Farming Technology That Can Grow EVERYTHING

Metropolis Farms is a technology company changing the farming industry.

With over 20 patents pending and filed, Metropolis is the clear leader in indoor vertical farming innovation. Metropolis Farms has created affordable outdoor and indoor vertical farming systems that can grow anything and empowers farmers to start a profitable year-round local farm, regardless of location.

The FarmWorks is the heartbeat of Metropolis Farms. Here, we are creating the most energy efficient, cost-effective, and highest producing indoor farming systems in the world. Within The FarmWorks, local green collar workers are manufacturing the farms for your local neighborhood. Located in South Philly, this division of Metropolis Farms is responsible for designing, building, and assembling all of the hardware you need to start a local farm. We then ship the completed systems anywhere within the US. Our modular systems can be assembled in days, while other indoor farm systems can take over a year.

  • The FarmWorks:  Manufacturing & System Building.
  • The Future Farm:  Next Gen Farming Technology & Crop Optimization.
  • The Farms:  Crop Production (food, cannabis, medicine, & energy).
  • Metropolis Farming Institute:  Training & Workforce Development.

Note:  The above description came from the organization's About page.

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