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Father Steven Wetzel, O.S.F.S., of the Michael the Archangel Ministry Program.

Providing Pastoral Care and Support Services

In January, 2014 a unique ministry came into existence in the Philadelphia Police Department. With the encouragement and support of John McNesby and the Fraternal Order of Police, Father Steven Wetzel, O.S.F.S. set up shop at a desk provided by the FOP. And so began the Michael the Archangel Ministry Program.

But this is NOT a desk bound ministry. The goal of this program is to provide the spiritual services one would expect in a parish or place of worship and make them available in the workplace. In actuality, Father Steve’s parish is the entire Philadelphia Police Department.

It wasn’t long before officers and their families invited Father Steve to preside at baptisms, funerals, weddings, and sick calls. Father Steve started a monthly Mass to honor the memory of officers slain in the line of duty for each individual month.

Eventually, Father Steve started going out on patrol with working officers. In this capacity, he responded to calls of officers in combat and in at least one case, arrived on the scene of an officer shot in the line of duty. He was on location with the AMTRAK train wreck in Philadelphia in May of 2015.

The true value of this Ministry is that for the past seven years and well into the future, many officers now know that spiritual help is just one phone call away. All Police Departments should be so blessed.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the program's Our Ministry page.

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