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The miraculous Mission-Teens program started right here in rural Norma, NJ.

Help for the Desperate

Mission Teens, Inc. is a non-denominational Christian Discipleship ministry dedicated to helping people who struggle with life-controlling problems by ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them. We believe that the Gospel should be free to all.

Reverend James D. Bracken (1934-2012) founded Mission Teens, Inc. in 1969. He opened the first residential center in Norma, NJ after much prayer. He knew there was a need for a more effective ministry for the troubled young people who were attending his home prayer meetings. After two years of little results in the center, God answered his prayer by dictating to him a program which, when put into effect, brought immediate results in people's lives. This same program is still used today in all of the Mission Teens centers and the results are still phenomenal.

Notes:  The above descriptive information came from the organization's Program page. Mission-Teens started in South Jersey, near Vineland, and now has locations all over the country. It does serve Philadelphians.