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Artwork by Chelsey Webber-Brandis MFA '20, Socially Engaged Studio Art, at Moore College of Art and Design. Photo by Steve Weinik.

The World Needs Moore

Picture this: It’s 1848. The Industrial Revolution has spawned new industries, and Philadelphia is one of the biggest centers of it all. What can you do to capitalize on a pivotal moment in time? For Sarah Worthington Peter, that answer was to create the first and only visual arts college that would empower women to achieve financial independence through a high-quality, career-focused education.

Now, over 170 years later, Moore College of Art & Design remains the first and only historically visual arts college for women in the nation—an inclusive and innovative home to nine prestigious BFA programs and so much more. Our mission is more relevant than ever, as technology, sustainability and diverse cultures drive and disrupt new and existing industries. Through dynamic BFA and Graduate Studies programs, educational programs for creatively curious youth and professional adult learners, and our own public and dedicated space for contemporary art—The Galleries at Moore—we are influencers and advocates for breakthrough artists and designers of all ages and backgrounds.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the school's About page.


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