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Mothers' Home introduces itself with the line, "A safe-haven for pregnant women and their children," and gives the following descriptive information:

Mothers' Home is a residential shelter which provides a safe haven for vulnerable, pregnant women in a crisis who choose life as a sacred gift.

Mothers' Home is located in Darby, Pennsylvania and was founded in 1991 as a program to provide hope and support for young adult women who choose life for their unborn child despite rejection, abandonment, and ongoing obstacles. Mother'’ Home provides shelter for up to 28 women during their pregnancy and the first 6 months after their babies are born.

Mothers’ Home encourages the residents to celebrate the joy of new life while also preparing to become independent young women and caring mothers. We focus on the physical, emotional, intellectual, social, sexual, and spiritual dimensions of each resident's life. To do this, we promote empowerment and self-sufficiency by providing our residents

  • Counseling services.
  • Pre and postnatal health education.
  • Childbirth and development classes.
  • Parenting classes.
  • Job readiness training.
  • Housing search assistance.
  • Educational classes on budgeting, legal, and nutrition.
  • Initial personal and baby supplies.
  • Supportive relationships.

In the basement a Community Outreach is provided via the Sharing Space which is comprised of a Baby Clothing and Equipment Boutique. Low-income families can come to shop for gently used baby clothing, equipment, and household items that have been donated. A small fee is charged to cover room upkeep and cleaning supplies.

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