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Motivos Magazine gives the following descriptive information:

Motivos is a full color glossy magazine printed in English and Spanish that inspires and empowers Latino youth to explore their full potential and make informed choices about life, college, and career options.

What makes Motivos unique?
The bilingual format and socially and culturally relevant content make Motivos unique. Motivos showcases student voices. Its four sections invite the reader to enjoy sharing and learning about Latino culture, navigate important issues impacting the Latino community, keep on track for college, and explore career paths. Students and experts are brought together. The pages are filled with sources of wisdom, words of courage, and friends to share life’s journey.


  • Cultural Expressions - Explores, uplifts, and strengthens culture, language and ethnicity.
  • La Vida - Tackles important life issues.
  • College Prep - Resources, scholarships, expert advice and insider tips.
  • Career Exploration - Inspiration and motivation from career professionals.

Who reads Motivos?
Predominantly teens and young adults. Latinos and non-Latinos alike are picking it up and learning about Hispanic culture and the Spanish language. Parents, teachers, and administrators have been known to pick it up too! If you desire guidance with college and/or career options or a little extra motivation to keep after your dream, you should pick up a copy.

Where can I get a copy?
Motivos is distributed fall, winter, spring, and summer to schools, colleges, after-school programs, Latino youth-serving organizations, recreation centers, cultural events, and leadership conferences and workshops across Pennsylvania, and parts of New York and Southern New Jersey.

Can I write for Motivos?
Yes! We prefer you work with a liaison teacher in your school to submit pre-edited work. All submissions go through a review process. Not all submissions will be published.