Mt. Airy Learning Tree (MALT)

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Mt. Airy Learning Tree introduces itself with the line, "Neighbors Teaching Neighbors", and gives the following descriptive information:

Mt. Airy Learning Tree is a community service organization founded in 1980 to enrich Mt. Airy and the broader Northwest Philadelphia Community. MALT celebrates the diversity of Northwest Philadelphia, bringing together neighbors to share a wide variety of ideas, information and skills in informal learning environments. Courses that encourage exchange among people of different ages; that reflect the backgrounds, experiences and talents of our community, and that focus on issues of concern to the community are of particular interest.

MALT now offers about 300 courses three times a year, in the fall, winter and spring. Topics range literally from A (Adventures in Sewing) to Z (Zumba). Our classrooms are in local churches, schools, businesses and homes or outdoors in the Wissahickon and at local points of interest. Course ideas are limited only by our collective imagination. Our teachers are people like you - people who want to share their passions with other adults and who believe in community-oriented exchange.

MALT operates as a community-based non-profit corporation, with a small part-time staff and volunteer board. We are committed to the value of life-long learning, contributing to the welfare of our community, and providing a good deal of fun along the way. We welcome your ideas, your involvement as students and teachers, and your financial support.


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