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A pair of New Leash on Life USA participants: "They rescued each other."

Restore Lives. Reduce Recidivism. Rescue Dogs.

The New Leash on Life USA program is focused on reducing recidivism and increasing the adoptability of the at-risk shelter dogs we rescue. We accomplish this with an innovative reform model that leverages the powerful bond between dogs and humans for long-term success.

The New Leash program provides a range of services and supports that are designed to meet the individual’s unique needs and situation while building a culture of success and possibility. Our focus is to reduce recidivism and restore lives by providing the skills and opportunities that allow many formerly unemployable, repeat offenders to rise above poverty and become contributing citizens in Philadelphia.

Our model begins during incarceration with a dog training program that teaches practical life and social-emotional skills and extends to comprehensive case management upon release. Through this extensive approach, we prepare men and women for a successful transition as they reenter society.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the organization's About Us page.

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