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NextFab Studio is a membership-based, high-tech workshop and prototyping center - it’s Philadelphia’s “gym for innovators.”

Community Projects

During the past decade, the foundation of our nation's innovative culture has deteriorated. We've seen secondary schools that have eliminated vital technology-centric workshops; governmental policies and economic downturn that have discouraged the world's brightest from starting U.S.-based businesses; and manufacturing jobs and skills that have been lost to other countries.

Our goal is to stop that decay in its tracks. That's why everything we do — from the layout of our facility to the establishment of operations — is done with the express intent of making innovation safe and approachable for all.

To that end, we engage in outreach activities, alone and in partnership with non-profit organizations, that are driven by our conviction that making — expressing one's ideas by designing and building — universally yields a sense of empowerment and satisfaction that enhances communication, transcends social barriers, and opens minds.

We do not create passive learning experiences. Rather, we provide and support programs that offer real challenges that are adaptable to each participant's skill level, because we believe they must do — solder the wire, cut the wood, weld the metal — in order to grow in confidence and capability.