North Fifth Street Revitalization Project (N5SRP)

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North Fifth Street Revitalization Project.

The North Fifth Street Revitalization Project (N5SRP) gives the following descriptive information:

N5SRP was founded by Olney residents and the Korean Community Development Services Center in 2005 as a focused reinvestment toward one of Philadelphiaʼs most historic and diverse main streets. Since its inception, N5SRP has worked to enhance the quality of life of merchants and residents in and near the North 5th Street commercial corridor by improving the physical environment, preventing crime, increasing economic activity and opportunities and building community ties.

What We’re Doing

  • Cleaning Up: N5SRP hires two sidewalk cleaning specialists to remove litter and maintain overall cleanliness along North 5th Street. Colorful banners, benches at bus stops and new murals have also been installed.
  • Staying Safe: N5SRP has taken a proactive approach to crime prevention by installing a camera surveillance system on North 5th Street. Through a partnership with Philadelphia’s 35th Police District we provide surveillance footage whenever needed and advocate for heightened police presence along North 5th Street.
  • Businesses As Usual: Support local merchants through a variety of business services and referrals. N5SRP also manages the Olney Business Association and assists merchants in accessing capital improvement grants.
  • Community Happenings: Korean, Latin and African cultural events, neighborhood cleanup days, open mic nights, summer youth employment programs, community mural paintings.