Northwest Counseling Service, Inc. (NWCS)

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Northwest Counseling Service, Inc. (NWCS) gives the following descriptive information:

Northwest Counseling Service, Inc. (NWCS) is a nonprofit organization that was founded for the purpose of providing real estate and housing counseling services to Philadelphia area residents.

The agency enjoys a favorable track record and has been recognized for providing expert advice and quality services in the areas of pre and post purchase, pre and post rental, mortgage default/ delinquency/ foreclosure, ant-predatory lending, rental default, reverse mortgage counseling/ certification and housing consumer education.WCS is committed to encouraging the growth potential in Philadelphia neighborhoods and to stimulating the reversal of neighborhood decline by creating and promoting financial stabilization of Philadelphia residents.

We achieve this through efforts that seek to encourage the availability of safe and decent housing; support the financial stability of residents to secure and maintain decent housing: and by educating individuals and families to make informed choices. Through efforts at helping residents one by one, NWCS has played an integral part of the financial stabilization of neighborhoods in the City of Philadelphia and its surrounding communities.