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While you're on this web site, read up about the shop owner, Lynn Rosen

Your Local Independent Bookstore: The Open Book Bookstore in Elkins Park!

The Open Book mission is to bring good books to the attention of readers. Our bookstore is unique: it doesn’t try to have the breadth of selection you’ll find at other retailers. What you’ll find instead is a carefully curated collection of books that we endorse. We have literary and classic fiction and nonfiction, young adult & children’s books, and a range of books by local authors in the Greater Philadelphia area. And what we don’t have in stock, we’re happy to special order.

Each book we sell is a book we believe is worth reading. Most of them we’ve already read ourselves, so that’s how we know they’re good. Others are books we’ve researched and that have been endorsed by reviewers and readers whose opinions we highly respect. We stay away, for the most part, from bestsellers that you can easily find elsewhere, and popular books that you probably already have heard about. Instead we try to bring your attention to books you might not have found on your own. Each book in our bookstore is a discovery!

About Lynn

I’m an author and publishing industry professional with extensive experience as an editor, literary agent, and journalist. I advise authors and publishers and run the Open Book program of author events and book discussion classes. Someday I’ll write a novel.