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Opportunities-PA introduces itself with the line, "Helping Homeless Young Adults Become Self-Sufficient", and gives the following descriptive information:

OPPORTUNITIES-PA is a nonprofit organization that Educates, Equips, Empowers, and Encourages homeless and other at-risk youth to reach their academic potential and professional goals by offering them supportive services and stable housing.

OPPORTUNITIES-PA provides life coaching, mentoring, career counseling, educational support, and housing assistance.

OPPORTUNITIES-PA was founded in April 2008, by Justina Shaw to bridge the gap homeless youth experience transitioning from adolescence to adulthood. Ms. Shaw identified a void locally and nationally in organizations providing supportive services to homeless adolescents ages 16-25. Existing programs also lacked training to educate program participants on how to become self-sufficient.

OPPORTUNITIES-PA provides supportive housing, life skills preparation, career counseling, and educational training to youth ages 18-25. Through mentorship, goal setting, and financial literacy training, OPPORTUNITIES-PA residents are equipped with the necessary skills to become self-sufficient adults.