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OrganizeFor introduces itself with the line, "Justice. It Starts With You," and gives the following descriptive information:

Welcome to Color Of Change's member-led campaign platform: OrganizeFor! With more than 1.2 millions members nationwide, Color Of Change is the nation's largest online civil rights organization committed to leveraging the power of our members' voices to hold corporations and institutions accountable to the concerns of Black Americans. By amplifying the political voice of the Black community, we aim to create a more just society for all people. The OrganizeFor platform is a way for our members to access the tools and resources they need to lead change on issues that further our goals and increase our impact.

What can I run a campaign on?

What issues matters most to you? Is there an opportunity to make positive change on an systemic issue affecting the Black community? Is there a chance to stop efforts to further marginalize our community? Will your campaign bring us closer to a more just and equal society for Black folks and others?

This organization is based in Oakland, California.