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Founded in 1832, Overbrook School for the Blind (OSB) prepares our students—all of whom are blind, visually impaired or living with other challenges—to have the greatest opportunity to experience active and fulfilling lives. Ours is a school where compassion, dedication, expertise, and instructional excellence are immediately evident. At OSB, teams of highly-qualified teachers and specialists work seamlessly to create a caring, can-do environment. Every day, our historic 26-acre campus in the Overbrook Farms section of West Philadelphia, is bustling with activity as our students work, play, and in some cases, live in an extraordinary set of integrated buildings that have been adapted to meet the multiple needs of our students.

OSB serves approximately 181 students (ages 3 through 21) on campus. Our Early Intervention Outreach program (birth through age three) provides at-home guidance and care to the parents of 190 additional families. Additionally, OSB's International Program reaches thousands of children and adults in Southeast Asia by training teachers and administrators on how to instruct additional teachers to work with the blind and the visually impaired.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the school's About Us page.

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