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About us:

The Philadelphia Gay News is the area’s largest and oldest publication targeted to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. Started in 1975, we strive to focus on and promote businesses and populations within our community to engender mutual success. This includes publishing special issues to highlight areas such as marriage, pets and health, as well as tackling sensitive issues like LGBT suicide and homelessness.

As a community newspaper, PGN’s mission is to be a platform for the LGBT community to communicate with each other on all their various viewpoints, as well as to communicate with the mainstream/ally community. We promote the community within and without. To be that platform, PGN reaches out to, builds rapport with and listens to its readers and supporters — and its critics. We strive to make the LGBT community more informed about resources in the community and to educate the non-gay community on who we are. Like any group, the LGBT community needs a communications tool to keep abreast of areas of concern, such as health issues and legislation, and to celebrate our successes.