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POWER of Professional WoMen, also known as, "POWER: The Power of Professional WoMen", gives the following descriptive information:

The POWER of Professional WoMen (POWER) is a newly-established, Philadelphia-based forum that builds up and puts to work its collective power to promote professionalism, interests, career development, leadership skills and community involvement. Founded by experienced, socially-conscious professionals dedicated to increasing the number and the influence of women leaders, POWER collaborates with and develops the next generation of leaders, supporting them in their diverse workplaces and strengthening their communities.

POWER is open to all professional women and men — those just entering the workforce to seasoned veterans. We welcome professionals from any industry at any management level in the metropolitan Philadelphia area. Representatives of our partnering organizations and our Strategic Alliances are always welcome.

The value of POWER comes from our many programs designed to both inform and foster the exchange of ideas and experiences. Our busy calendar of exclusive POWER SERIES events, POWER CIRCLE coaching circles, and EMPOWER-U mentoring circles, as explained in ‘Our Services” web page, regularly bring experts on various topics including area women leaders with diverse backgrounds and experience levels.