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Paratodo gives the following descriptive information:

Mindfully crafted for all. Contributing to improve life.

The Philadelphia Citizen furnishes the following:

Paratodo, a casual menswear clothing brand that is locally-made and that each season donates 25 percent of its proceeds to a local or national nonprofit. The company’s name says it all: From the Spanish phrase para todos, meaning “for all” or “for everyone.”

So far, Paratodo has donated $2,000 to local animal welfare organization PAWS—some of which came from PAWS-inspired hoodies. Young says it’s on target to give more than that this fall to Waves For Water, a non-profit that delivers portable water filters in areas across the world where access to clean water is sorely needed. His clothes have sold online as far away as Scandinavia and Germany, and in person at Brooklyn menswear shop The Hill-Side, Phillys P’s and Q’s (where Young also works) and at upscale athletic wear store Lululemon’s Fishtown shop, The Local.

“People are really connecting to the styling of his clothes, and the simplicity of it,” says the Local’s curator and manager Alyssa Horn. “His stuff is something that will take you further than this season, which is what we want to make sure we’re really highlighting, stuff we’re sure will last.”

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