Pennepack Baptist Church

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Pennepack Baptist Church, with its historical marker in the foreground.

Welcome to the story behind Pennepack Baptist Church, established in 1688 ... It was the 8th Baptist church to be started in America, and the 7th oldest still surviving. When the church began, composers Johann Sebastian Bach and Frederick Handel were 3-year old toddlers. Hymn-writer Isaac Watts was just a lad of 14. Revivalist Jonathan Edwards, so instrumental in setting the foundation for 'The Great Awakening' would not be born for another 15 years, Benjamin Franklin two years after him, and George Washington 26 more years after Franklin.

The Pilgrims had only landed 68 years earlier. Banks had only been using checks for 7 years, firemen only had the use of flexible hoses for 16 years, and watches only had minute hands for 18 years. These are the statistics and they are amazing, but they are not the story. And the story is always more exciting than the statistics. Every good story has a good beginning. Pennepack Baptist has a wonderful beginning to its story, especially due to the many varied influences that fed into the stream that became Pennepack Baptist Church.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the article, The Amazing Drama Behind Pennepack Baptist.