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Philadelphia AIDS Thrift is incorporated in Pennsylvania as a non-profit business. We are also a federally recognized 501c3 tax-exempt charitable essay writing service in organization (thanks IRS!).

  • Our goal is to sell the lovely, useful, interesting, amusing, and sometimes mysterious stuff generous people donate to our thrift store and then distribute the proceeds to local organizations involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS.
  • We recently announced our winter 2017/2018 grant awards which went to twenty Philly-area HIV/AIDS service organizations.
    • This year’s grants totaled $186,000.00, which brings our cash contributions to date to $2,219,815.00.
    • Yep, yep we are now well here passed the $2,000,000 milestone. Thanks to everyone who helped us get to $2,000,000 and beyond!

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