Philadelphia Children's Foundation (PCF)

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Philadelphia Children's Foundation founder John Bannan (left) with board members.

The Philadelphia Children's Foundation (PCF) introduces itself with the line, "Every student deserves a 21st-century education," and gives the following descriptive information:

PCF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports Philadelphia public schools by installing internet-ready computers in classrooms and publicly accessible locations. We also help outfit school libraries with books, provide computers to low-income families that do not have them, and teach 3D printing and computer literacy classes.

Our mission is to help children of all ages find their passion, develop needed skills, and make positive career and life decisions for a successful future.

  • Improving reading skills. 40% of Philadelphia students scored below proficient in reading & 22% of the city’s population is illiterate and 41% of Phila households do not have a computer.
  • Decrease drop-out rates. 42% of students entering 9th grade in 2006 failed to graduate in 2010.
  • And address youth unemployment. The unemployment rate is 22% for Philadelphia residents ages 20-24, and 76% of Philadelphia households are economically disadvantaged.