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Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation celebrating its 50th anniversary.

PCDC is perhaps known best for defending Chinatown from development projects that threatened its survival. Over the past 50 years, PCDC has led residents and friends of Chinatown in defending Chinatown’s right to exist. PCDC has fought against and worked with government and private developers to protect Chinatown and to promote this unique cultural treasure within Philadelphia.

But PCDC is primarily about fostering a community that people will want to live in, visit, work in and care about. Chinatown is a business-friendly neighborhood where new, innovative and even edgy businesses find encouragement. Chinatown is also a residential community and a destination for both Asian and non-Asian residents of the Philadelphia region. Chinatown is a tourist destination serving the many people who come for Philadelphia’s unique historical and cultural attractions, another interesting piece of the colorful mosaic that is Philadelphia.

PCDC wants to continue to develop and encourage the creation of affordable housing in Chinatown, particularly in Chinatown North, the area north of Vine Street.

Chinatown intends to be a residential and business-friendly neighborhood for a long time. We intend to be a center for Asians in Philadelphia and a place where all of our residents and visitors can experience Chinese American culture and life.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the organization's About PCDC page.

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