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  • Philadelphia FIGHT (FIGHT) is a comprehensive AIDS service organization providing primary care, consumer education, advocacy and research on potential treatments and potential vaccines. FIGHT was formed as a partnership of individuals living with HIV/AIDS and clinicians who joined together to improve the lives of people living with the disease. FIGHT offers a variety of resources to do so.
  • FIGHT provides primary care to people with HIV/AIDS at the Jonathan Lax Immune Disorders Treatments Center, which provides state of the art clinical care to address the comprehensive needs of people with HIV/AIDS. Clinicians at FIGHT also conduct research to test potential therapies for HIV/AIDS.
  • In addition to treatment and research, FIGHT is home to a strong array of prevention, education, and information services including The AIDS Library; Critical Path AIDS Project; Project TEACH (Treatment Education Activists Combating HIV); and the Youth Health Empowerment Project (Y-HEP).
  • Through lectures, seminars and special programs, FIGHT educates people to advocate for further research and better medical treatments, improve the quality-of-life for people living with HIV/AIDS, and prevent further infection. Our programs offer a full complement of services efficiently to a community facing the many challenges of HIV and AIDS into the next millennium.
  • While great strides have been made, the battle against AIDS is far from over. Everyone affected by the epidemic should have information about and access to various forms of treatment. Our goal is to end the AIDS epidemic and FIGHT will continue until the discovery of an HIV/AIDS cure.

Our services are available at 1233 Locust Street, 5th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19107. Feel free to visit or call. You can reach us at (215) 985-4448, or via the web.

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