Philadelphia Montessori Charter School (PMCS)

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Some of the winners at Philadelphia Montessori Charter School.

Philadelphia Montessori Charter School (PMCS):

  • Is a free, public charter school that opened in 2004.
  • Currently has 190 students enrolled in grades K-6th.
  • Is a Montessori school that focuses on the whole child, his/her cognitive, social, emotional and physical development in an environment that allows children to work with materials at their own pace until mastery. Children do not have their own desk or chair; they are free to move about the classroom and are encouraged to share space with their peers.
  • Incorporates the Responsive Classroom approach. This includes a peaceful and nurturing school culture that is supported by our faculty and staff.
  • Provides both learning support and an accelerated curriculum for gifted students.
  • Continues to develop strong community collegiate partnerships.
  • Is located in Southwest Philadelphia at 2227 Island Avenue.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the school's About Us page.