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In 2002, Inquirer columnist Frank Fitzpatrick wrote:

How about a Hall? Why doesn't this city have a Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame?

There's a Philadelphia Jewish Sports Hall of Fame. A Delaware Afro-American Hall of Fame. A Rowan-Glassboro State Hall of Fame. A PhansOnline.Com Hall of Fame. And a Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame that is filled with long-forgotten gym teachers and semi-pro baseball players.

Think of the people a Hall could highlight: Wilt Chamberlain. Connie Mack. Steve Van Buren. Julius Erving. Mike Schmidt. Eddie Gottlieb. Jimmie Foxx. Willie Mosconi. Bill Tilden. Joe Frazier.

Think of the places: Shibe Park. Merion Golf Club. Germantown Cricket Club. The Palestra. Franklin Field.

Think of the events: Dempsey-Tunney. Bobby Jones' Grand Slam. Russell-Chamberlain. The 1929 World Series.

So why not a Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame?

From this brief article, the Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame was born.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the organization's Our History page.

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